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Tony Edwards Story: His Plight, Struggles With Obesity. And How He Triumph to Looking Super Muscled, Lean & Fitter Today with Ultimate Stack – Best Legal Steroids | Crazy Bulk Bulking | Dbal dbol Review

Tony Edwards Story: His Plight, Struggles With Obesity. And How He Triumph to Looking Super Muscled, Lean & Fitter Today with Ultimate Stack – Best Legal Steroids | Crazy Bulk Bulking | Dbal dbol Review

What’s the best way to gain lean muscles and lose weight? Find out the answers in Tony Edwards’ incredible story here.

We’ve all seen and read stories of muscle builders and supplements which claim to be able to help you lose fat and build lean muscle.

But there’s nothing quite like the story of Tony Edwards, a man who once thought his case was hopeless one until he tried the Crazy Buk Ultimate Stack for mass gain, lean muscle and cutting.

There’s no better way to tell Tony’s story than in his own words.

Even as a kid I was overweight, as are most of the members of my family, and I just didn’t know anything about eating in portions or being healthy.

But the situation really started to bother me during my teenage years as I started gaining weight every month.

This ruined my chances of making the sports team and I became depressed, and the best I could think of dealing with this depression was to eat more food.

How I Became Obese

From my teen years to adulthood I just couldn’t control my cravings for food anymore.

Whether it was Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special occasion, I’d eat a lot, and even when there were no occasions I just kept eating more.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties I knew I was already overweight but couldn’t stop. However it was at this point when I began to feel the effects of being overweight, to be specific their effects on my health.

I would tire easily even if didn’t do a lot of work, my back started to ache regularly and my legs felt sore most of the time.

My first thought was that I was being too active and wearing myself out. So instead of climbing I’d use the elevator, and rather than go out and buy food, I would order online.

Instead of helping though, I noticed that I became even weaker and tire more often and my body aches and pains wouldn’t go away.

I finally decided to see my doctor. I knew I was overweight but I was shocked when the scales showed I was 317 lbs.

My doctor then confirmed my worst fears and that I was suffering from hypertension caused my being overweight. My doctor also said the pain in my legs and joints was due to my obesity.

Solution: I had to lose weight

I felt very low and scared at that point.

I grew up in a family that loved to eat so this was new to me.

Even so I knew I had to make a lifestyle change: being fat and overweight was not only unattractive, but now my doctor was telling me that it could lead to potential health complications and even life threatening conditions.

So right there and then I decided was going to lose weight.

My First Attempts at Losing Weight and Building Muscle

After that visit to the doctor I became serious about losing weight and building muscles. The first thing I did was hit the gym every day and while it was difficult at first, I had a personal trainer to help me.

The first few days were the hardest but I started to feel myself losing weight. Sure enough I noticed that I was losing weight every day whenever I checked and that spurred me on.

In beginning it felt like a chore going to the gym, but whenever I tipped the scales I noticed that I was shedding off pounds, and that kept me going.

From being a chore, going to the gym became something I would look forward to as I was eager to improve on the results.

I focused on losing weight for six months and I didn’t too badly, but now I wanted to build muscle.

I lost weight all right, but I noticed that my body was disproportionate and needed to gain muscle mass. I could also see that my skin was getting loose, and I knew I needed to pack some muscles to make up for it.

I started lifting weights three times a week to gain muscle mass, but no matter how hard I tried I just wasn’t gaining muscles or developing tone.

My personal trainer kept telling to just go on, but I could tell that something wasn’t working. I didn’t stop lifting weights but I started doing research steroids and if they could help.

My First Encounter with Legal Steroids and the Ultimate Stack

After doing some research on steroids, I decided they weren’t worth it. I wanted to have a muscular body that women would find attractive, but there were too many side effects, and they’re illegal in most countries.

I kept researching however and that was when I came across the Ultimate Stack from Crazy Bulk. I wasn’t convinced at first at the idea of legal steroids and it seemed too good to be true.

However the more I researched Crazy Bulk, I came to realize it is a reputable manufacturer and just as important, there are before and after photos of men and women who took their products and achieved great results.

I decided to give the Ultimate Stack a try, as I had nothing to lose by then.

After the First Cycle

My first Ultimate Stack cycle lasted eight weeks, and I noticed several changes. The first thing I noticed was that my loose skin began to tighten up and that muscles were forming in legs and thighs.

My biceps weren’t just getting bigger but developing muscle mass, and the fats in my chest were disappearing as well.

At the end of this cycle I went off the cycle as per the product instructions, but now I was excited to resume and commence the second one.

After the Second Cycle

My second eight week cycle provided even better results than the first. The fats in my arms and forearms were almost completely gone and my veins were visible.

I now have muscles in my thighs, legs, shoulders and arms. I’m also happy to say that by the second cycle my belly fat was gone and so were my man boobs, replaced by muscles.

It’s hard to express in words how impressive the results have been. The Ultimate Stack has literally changed my life, physically and mentally as well.

Physically I’ve never felt healthier and stronger, and mentally I have never felt more confident about myself.

The days when I would wake up with my body in constant ache and pain are long gone and now I feel better than I have ever been.

But more than that, the Ultimate Stack showed me there is more to getting fit than just losing weight.

I knew I had to lose weight and I did, but that was just the first step to being healthy, as it’s also about building muscles and gaining strength.

Since I started taking the Ultimate Stack, I had gained more than 18 lbs. of muscle and strength has increased as well.

I am able to bench press heavier weights and I’ve had to buy clothes with a bigger neck, which goes to show how bigger my physique has become.

But the big difference here is my gains are muscular, not fat. That’s really what I like about the Ultimate Stack: it allows me to customize my workouts and took me to the next level.

Losing weight isn’t enough as I ended up with a skinny frame, and what this stack did was bulk my physique so it’s now proportionate.

Why Ultimate Stack Works for Burning Fat and Gaining Lean Muscle

The Ultimate Stack consists of six products, all of which are legal steroid alternatives and don’t cause any side effects. These are D-Bal, Clenbutrol, DecaDuro, Trenorol, Testosterone Max and Anadrole.

When I first came across this stack I was both skeptical and apprehensive. I was worried about potential side effects and worse, I might have to get a prescription from my doctor.

The good news is the Ultimate Stack is safe and legal with no need for prescriptions. I have also never felt nay side effects and it doesn’t conflict with my medications either.

I’ll say this: the Ultimate Stack is a fantastic product and it works as well as advertised, something you don’t see every day.

But even the Ultimate Stack can only go so far as you also need to be dedicated to getting in shape. I work out and lift weights regularly.

Being on a high protein diet also helps, and I had to follow the instructions such as taking time off after completing one cycle.

The Ultimate Stack doesn’t work overnight and I had to wait until the end of the first cycle to notice the significant changes.

Now thanks to the stack, all the hard work I’ve put it has paid off, but there’s still a lot I want to do. I am in better shape than I have ever been but I feel I can push myself more.

With diet, exercise and of course the Ultimate Stack, I feel confident about getting there.