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Anavar Dosage – Proven Sample Var Doses Chart for Women & Men – Best Legal Steroids | Crazy Bulk Bulking | Dbal dbol Review

Anavar Dosage – Proven Sample Var Doses Chart for Women & Men – Best Legal Steroids | Crazy Bulk Bulking | Dbal dbol Review

Using the correct dose is important to not only get the best results but also to ensure your safety. Know the proper Anavar dosage here.

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A lot has been said about the Anavar cycle dosage and how it helps men and women retain lean muscle tissue, and when stacked with other steroids, assist in bulking.

In addition, Anavar or Var, as it is known, also burns fat without compromising results. However, all these benefits will be realized only if the proper oxandrolone cycle and dosage is used.

Anavar Dosage for Men

Anavar dosage for men depends on how long they have been taking the steroid and what their goals are.

For beginners the minimum dosage is 30 mg, for intermediate users it is 50 mg and advanced users can increase the amount up to a maximum of 100 mg.

Var is taken twice a day with the given dosage broken up into two. It is taken twice a day morning and evening with food.

Look below for a SAMPLE Anavar only cycle for men dosages:

  • Week 1: 30 mg
  • Week 2: 40 mg
  • Week 3: 50 mg
  • Week 4: 50 mg
  • Week 5: 60 mg
  • Week 6: 80 mg
  • Week 7: 70 mg

Anavar for men is taken daily. After the 7 week cycle above you need to take 20 mg of tamoxifen daily for 5 weeks.

Once your body has grown used to the effects of Var, you can increase the dosage up to 100 mg in the next cycle.

Anavar Dosage for Women

A SAMPLE beginners’ Anavar dosage for women is as follows:

  • Week 1: 2.5 mg
  • Week 2: 2.5 mg
  • Week 3: 5.0 mg
  • Week 4: 5.0 mg
  • Week 5: 10 mg
  • Week 6: 15 mg
  • Week 7: 15 mg
  • Week 8: 10 mg

The Anavar dose for females given is only for those who are starting out. For female athletes or those who have experience with steroids, you may skip the small doses and take 20 mg for the duration of the cycle.

The higher the dosage, the better the Anavar results will be, for both men and women.

The Most Common Anavar Dosage

The question of when to take Anavar is often asked, and the answer is as long as you take it with food you should be all right. However, the dosage will also depend on how you intend to use the steroid.

If your goal is to cut down body fat and optimize your cutting phase, the doses given above will suffice. But if you want to go beyond the simple Anavar fat loss cycle, you’ll need to stack the steroid with others.

For men who want better results when cutting, weight gain and maintenance you can try the following Anavar cycle and dosages.

  • Week 1: 40 mg of Var and 40 mg Winstrol daily
  • Week 2: 50 mg each of Var and Winstrol
  • Week 3: 70 mg of Var and 50 mg of Winstrol
  • Weeks 4 and 5: 90 mg of Var and 70 mg of Winstrol
  • Week 6: 80 mg of Var and 80 mg of Winstrol
  • Week 7 and 8: 100 mg of Var and 50 mg of Winstrol
  • Weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12: 1 mg of anastrozole daily

If you want to go for another cycle:

  • Weeks 1 to 8: 50 mg every day of Anavar
  • Weeks 1 to 12: 100 mg every other day of testosterone propionate
  • Weeks 1 to 12: 600 mg every week of methenolone enanthate
  • Weeks 14-17: 20 mg every day of tamoxifen

For women:

A more advanced Anavar dosage for female fitness enthusiasts is the following:

  • Weeks 1 to 2: 10 mg of Anavar, 20 mcg of clenbuterol and 25 mcg of liothyronine sodium
  • Weeks 3 to 4: 10mg/ed of Anavar with 40 mcg of clenbuterol and 37.5 mcg of liothyronine sodium
  • Weeks 5 to 6: 100mg/wk of methenolone, 40 mcg of clenbuterol and 50 mcg of liothyronine sodium
  • Weeks 7 to 8: 10mg of Anavar, 100mg/wk of methenolone and 60 mcg of clenbuterol and 62.5 mcg of liothyronine sodium

Note that the Anavar half life is 8 hours, and that results will take time to manifest. Also keep in mind that there are possible side effects such as headaches, acne breaking out, leg cramps and nausea.

However you can avoid these by following the dosages prescribed here. There’s no point increasing the dosage much more because there won’t be any visible benefits anyway.

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