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Dianabol Steroids (LEGAL ALTERNATIVES BENEFITS) -Before/After Pic

TRUTHS: We educate people about steroids, but we don’t recommend them because they’re banned and have too much side effects and bad for health. We only RECOMMEND perfect steroids alternatives such as DBAL Pills without side effects. See the Before/After pics of Mathew, Jame and Jessie to confirm their safety and potency.

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Dianabol steroids are very popular today, and whether you ask long time users or those who are new, they’re going to say the same thing, and it is that dbol is effective when it comes to building muscles and strength.

Moreover, the high demand for dianabol has led to the emergence of legal versions that are safe to take and don’t require prescriptions.

Before you buy dianabol oral steroids however you should take a few steps back and go over the basics again.

What is Steroid?

Dbol is an anabolic steroid, meaning it is meant to increase your muscles and enhance your physical strength.

Before you buy dianabol steroids with PayPal, credit cards or whatever payment method you prefer, don’t confuse these with the other steroids which are taken for medication…

…dbol is meant for increasing your physical strength as the following information will make clear.

The Peculiarities of Dianabol: Benefits That Set it Apart From Other Steroids

A quick note here about dianabol steroids side effects: these can be avoided by taking only the appropriate dosage so you don’t overdose.

You also need to steer clear of other steroids that do the same thing as dbol.

If you decide to buy dianabol steroid online you need to know these facts first so you don’t make any mistakes later on.

All right, now we can focus on dianabol steroids results and the many benefits they can provide. The simplest way to describe the benefits of a dianabol cycle is the effects are fast acting.

One of the biggest challenges that bodybuilders face is not being able to sustain their gains (poor bulking)during the off season, so this is an area where dianabol helps.

When you use dbol during this period you will also notice a significant increase in your physical strength as mass gain is enhanced.

When you take dianabol tablets it is possible to gain as much 20 lbs. of muscle and mass within a few weeks.

Of course the dosage you take, your diet and the workouts you do will play a role in determining how much you will gain, but all things considered, 20 lbs. is possible provided you get genuine dianabol steroids sale from a legitimate source.

Another reason why dbol has been getting high marks is your recovery time improves as well, and this in turn leads to greater endurance.

Unless you build up endurance and improve your recovery time there’s no way you will gain muscles and strength at the rate you want.

This is another one of the many perks of using dianabol: no matter how much weight you lift, you will not notice any significant muscle gain as your body doesn’t have a lot to work with.

With dbol you’re going to gain all the mass you need to build muscles and get in shape.

Of course your caloric intake is going to be important, but what makes dianabol really good is the way it enhances your body’s performance.

The reason why people are looking for a dianabol steroid store is there are a lot of potential benefits to be derived here.

Aside from fitness buffs and bodybuilders, athletes will also benefit from this as it helps improve performance.

One of the most important things that dianabol can do is enhance speed and athleticism plus you get a boost in power as well.

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Dianabol – Why it Continues to be Popular for Young men and First Timers

The affordable dianabol steroids price is another reason why people love it. The legal ones in particular are more affordable than ever before.

There was a time when these steroids were so expensive and only those who had the means and resources could buy them.

However that is no longer true and you can get dianabol steroids in UK without breaking your budget. However there are other reasons why this steroid has become popular, and we will go over them below.

As any objective dianabol roids review will point out, this supplement works very well both as a standalone or when stacked with other steroids and strength enhancers.

If you are a beginner and looking for dbol steroids for sale online, the first thing you should do is buy from a legit source and try it as standalone and see what the effect will be.

Once you are satisfied with the results and want more, you may consider stacking it with other steroids. Whether you go with the stacking option or just take it alone, you can expect good results.

Another reason why dianabol has proven popular is its efficiency when it comes to the cutting cycle.

If you look up dianabol for sale on the Internet, most of them are advertised as being good for bulking and that is true.

However, the benefits of dianabol are not limited to that as you can also use this for cutting.

While not all bodybuilders use dianabol when they’re in the cutting phase, but it’s actually good and can help a lot in terms of helping your body maintain its fullness.

Other Dianabol Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why dianabol continues to be in high demand today, and one of them is the way it boosts nitrogen levels in your body.

Without being too technical, it should suffice to say that an increase in nitrogen levels will stimulate muscle buildup by speeding up the protein synthesis in your system.

>> Resistance to Fatigue. Another key element in dianabol is it increases your body’s resistance to fatigue: if you’re new to bodybuilding, one of the things you will quickly notice is how rapidly some people hit the wall and are unable to continue.

That need not happen to you if you take dianabol as it enhances your body’s immune system, meaning you will need less time to do more workouts.

>> Consistent for Gain. As was indicated earlier, the number of people who take dianabol continue to increase, and this can be attributed to its reliability.

Earlier we pointed out that it’s possible to gain as much as 20 lbs. here, but even with just “regular” workouts you should expect gains of anywhere from 2 to 4 lbs. every week while you are on a cycle.

Not only will you notice an increase in your body’s muscle and mass, but your strength is going to get a significant boost as well.

Of course you need to go on a proper diet and exercise, but the end results are significant and proves that taking the steroid is going to produce bigger muscles compared to just working out alone.


As the facts bare out, the reason people look for methandrostenolone for sale is they can provide a lot of benefits insofar as strength and muscle building are concerned.

There are also a lot of testimonials that prove dbol results are positive, and that combined with workouts and a healthy diet, will produce good results.

But before you purchase dbols online it’s best to look for the legal versions: these are just like your standard dianabol but don’t have any of the dangerous side effects you read about in the papers.

Given a choice between the legal and illegal one, it’s always best to go with the legal stuff.

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How much dbol dose should you take? This article answers that question and explains the difference between legal and banned dbol. Plus see 3 Before/After Pics of guys who used legal alternatives to steroid with amazing successes…

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Dianabol dose for mass gain is something a lot of fitness buffs search for online because based on reviews and testimonials, dianabol or dbol work when it comes to building up and gaining strength.

Before you head out and buy one however, let’s take a look at what it can do and what you can expect from it. We’re also going to compare the legal version of Dbol vs. the banned ones.

What is Dbol?

Dbol is an anabolic steroid that is used for gaining muscles and physical strength, and it’s highly sought after by muscle builders.

Unfortunately, dianabol is banned in most countries or their usage is limited for medical reasons, making them impractical and dangerous for muscle builders and athletes.

As legal dianabol reviews point out however, the legal dbol such as Dbal tablets offers the same benefits without the health risks and side effects that come with the illegal version.

These legal dianabol alternatives came out in response to the needs of fitness buffs and enthusiasts: more and more men and women want to get in shape, but nobody wants to put up with the harmful effects that come with dbol, so legal alternatives have appeared.

The facts is that Dbol alternatives function like the real thing and offer several functions and benefits including the following:

  • Gain bigger muscles
  • Speed up recovery
  • Lift more weights
  • Gain more energy
  • No side effects
  • Works within weeks

There are a lot of legal dbol steroids alternatives online today, but based on testimonials and reputation, two of them stand out, DBal and DBal Max.

DBAL Pills

If you are looking for serious dbol gains without any side effects, DBal from CrazyBulk is a good choice as it’s been proven time and again to be effective.

The formula has been developed in such a way that it simulates Methandrostenolon (dianabol) and produces the desired effects like superior nitrogen retention, bigger muscles and fast gains. Click here to read full Dbal pill benefits

D-Bal Max Pills

Another good set of legal dbol pills is D-Bal Max. This one offers maximum muscle gains, enhanced protein synthesis and plenty of strength gain.

What makes D-Bal Max different is it doesn’t just supercharge your body as it also goes far in terms of setting up your system so it’s more suitable for muscle building.

All right, now it should be clear that legal steroids are the better option than the illegal steroids, but how do you take them? The key here is the dosage and the cycle. Click here to read full Dbal max benefits

Dbol Dosage for Beginner

The dbol dosage per day for beginners is around 20 to 30 mg, nothing more and nothing less, and remember that the dosage will depend on the cycle as the two are linked.

When people talk about d bol dosage timing, what they are really talking about is when you take it (i.e. morning, evening etc.) and so on.

If you’re a beginner, start with the 20 mg to 30 mg dosage and go on a 4 week cycle, that is you’ll be taking it for a period of four weeks every day.

For beginners the first cycle usually just consists of dianabol, but others like to stack it with Deca-Durabolin or Testosterone Enanthate.

However since you are just starting out it’s probably for the best to take dianabol standalone.

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Dbol Dosage for Intermediate and Pro Users

If you are done with the dbol dosage 4 beginner and want something more, then you can move on to the intermediate and pro dosage levels.

The intermediate and pro / advanced dosage is from 30 mg to 50 mg. Note that some users may take more than that but it really depends on the cycle.

If you’ve been using anabolic steroids in the past or have gone beyond the beginner stage, you may increase the dosage as suggested above.

When you are at the intermediate or advanced level you’ll want to focus on certain aspects like bulking up or cutting, so you can feel free to take additional steroids to improve your performance and strength building.

As was mentioned above you can use Deca-Durabolin or a testosterone booster to give your body a boost.

A few reminders when stacking dbol with other steroids: make sure to use only those that have been proven to work with dbol, otherwise there could be side effects that could affect your progress.

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Legal Dbol Dosage: More Effectiveness and Safety for Users

Now we can talk about dianabol dosage for the legal version, and the good news is it is much easier to deal with.

The fact is with legal dbol there is no such thing as low dose or intermediate or high dosage as they are all the same.

Whereas banned substances and steroids you need to do a lot of figuring and calculating when it comes to cycles, but with legal dbol for sale you don’t have to.

We can use DBal and D-Bal Max as examples in this case: the dosage is written on the label so you just need to follow the instructions and take it.

That’s all there is to them. Another nice thing about taking legal dbol is that you don’t have to worry about which product to stack it with, because the info is usually provided on the website.

When you buy legal dbol from reputable companies, they don’t just provide information about the product but also links to other legal steroids that work with it.

One of the biggest challenges that first time users face is figuring out just how much dbol to use, and with the raw, original dbol you don’t get a lot of information.

More Dosage Tips

With legal dbol you have all the information you need so you can start your cycle right away.

And as many users of these supplements will point out, it helps that they don’t have any side effects so you can take these tablets without worrying about any adverse implications.

It has to be stressed here that the dose for legal dbol supplements varies per manufacturer.

One company may say to take their dbol once a day before working out, while others say take the steroid twice a day while you are on a cycle.

Speaking of cycles, that is still in effect when you take legal dianabol.

You have to take the dbol supplement for at least four weeks if you are a beginner, and you should also pay attention to the instructions regarding the duration and when you can expect to see results.

Some of them may also require you to undergo post cycle therapy, meaning you have to take additional supplements following a cycle.

This is almost mandatory with banned dbol, but with legal dianabol it is on a case to case basis. Read the bottle instructions and it should be clear.

Legally Designed Dbol is Gradually Taking Over

Taking dbol dose all at once is not recommended because of the possible side effects, and even taking the “recommended” dose does not mean you’ll be safe from the adverse effects.

However, all of these possible problems and issues can be avoided if you just take legal dianabol.

There used to be a time when taking steroids meant using illegal and banned substances and breaking the law, but that can be a thing of the past.

The advent of legal dianabol means you no longer have to risk your health for the sake of adding some extra pounds of muscle, as you can achieve the same result by taking the safe alternatives.

If you are still skeptical, that is perfectly all right since fitness trainers were skeptical too when it was first announced that legal versions of dbol were now available for purchase.

It just did not seem possible: how can there be a product that provides the same benefits as banned dbol without the side effects?

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Backed by Testimonials

However that is precisely what has happened as there are now legal alternatives to dbol that are as powerful as the banned substances, and these claims do not rest solely on the statements of the manufacturers.

All you need to do is go online and you can read up on all the positive reviews and testimonials from people who have used these supplements.

These testimonials are also backed by before and after pictures so you can see the difference in their bodies and how after taking the legal supplement for just a few weeks, the difference becomes apparent.

All of this is possible because the elements in these supplements are 100% pharmaceutical grade and have been thoroughly tested prior to being released, so they’re safe and won’t cause any harm.


The bottom line of all this is easy enough to understand: when you take a legal dbol supplement like Dbal tablets you receive all the benefits that you’re looking for in a powerful muscle building supplement, and with no unpleasant side effects attached to it.

When you factor all of these in the equation, it’s not difficult to see why legal dbol is taking over.

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Anadrole Review (SAFE MUSCLE MASS GAINS) – Discounts

See just few UNIQUE life-changing benefits of Anadrole

  • PROMOTES Huge Muscle Mass Gains;
  • PROMOTES Amazing Strength and Energy;
  • INCREASE Endurance for More Pumps and Gains;
  • INCREDIBLE Stamina and Fast Recovery;
  • EXCELLENT for Bulking Cycle & Stack Well with DBAL, TBAL75, DecaDuro;
  • RESULTS from 2 Weeks.

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An Overview of Anadrole Pill

Anadrole has become a buzzword among fitness buffs and enthusiasts owing to the positive results that it consistently produces.

This is a legal anabolic steroid so you don’t have to worry about getting into legal trouble when you order online. But don’t mistake this for just another run of the mill strength booster, as this is a genuine steroid.

What Can Anadrole Do?

This is a muscle building anabolic steroid that accelerates lean muscle growth and bulking up. This steroid works fine in a standalone cycle, but it’s also potent when stacked with other steroids and health boosters.

When you take Anadrole, protein synthesis is accelerated. The more you use Anadrole, the more the red blood cell production in your body increases. This is similar to the anadrol steroid but without the side effects.

If you’ve ever wanted to use a steroid but held back due to the legal complications and the possible adverse effects, this is your chance.

As red blood cells increase, more oxygen gets in your muscles, and this in turn stimulates rapid development and growth. Your muscles don’t just get large but your physical strength is augmented as well.

Another benefit of this steroid is it reduces fatigue. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to strength building is we often get tired quickly, but with Anadrole you can overcome plateaus and go up another level.

There is no magic involved here and the process is 100% legal. Basically what happens is the steroid activates all the elements in your body responsible for increasing muscle mass.

This naturally happens when you pump iron, but with Anadrole this is increased by a significant level. At the same time that red blood cell production is enhanced, nitrogen content in your body is retained at a high level.

That might not seem much but the increased nitrogen retention plays a pivotal role in boosting your stamina and reducing fatigue.

All of these –the nitrogen retention, red blood cell production and increase in protein retention- are connected and keep your body from tiring out during workouts.

Who is Anadrole For?

This steroid is for any man who wants to build muscles fast without any side effects, and it’s also for individuals who want comprehensive lean muscle mass development, build a strong body and greater physical strength. Unlike illegal steroids, the process by which your muscles grow is legal and safe.

As soon as your body absorbs Anadrole, it goes to work, stimulating red blood cell production and augmenting muscle growth.

This steroid is also for those who want to build muscles right away or get a boost during the bulking phase. Furthermore this steroid also helps your body recover during and after workout cycles. Anadrole should also benefit those who want to get a pump boost.

John Miller’s Incredible Results: After an initial 8 Weeks Cutting Stack cycle, John went on another 8 Weeks DBAL + ANADROLE Cycle. Now he has bigger chest, wider, stronger shoulders, more defined physique etc.

Dosage and Results

Each tablet has 50 mg of oxymetholene, and you take this twice a day for optimum results. Combined with regular workouts and diet, you’re going to see results and changes in your body in as little as a month’s time.

Anadrole is also effective for treating muscle and weight deficiencies, so if you’ve been suffering from slow or lack of muscle growth, Anadrole will be an effective solution.

There are a growing number of legal steroids online, but none of them provide the benefits that Anadrole does. Usually they are limited to increasing muscle alone, but with this steroid you get the complete package.

Not only do your muscles get bigger, but your body becomes more flexible and you’re able to do more during workouts.

But more than anything else, Anadrole is a safe and legal steroid. It’s a fact illegal steroids are widely used, but there’s the risk you could get caught and face penalties.

Instead of playing cat and mouse with the law, it’s better to just buy Anadrole as it’s sold online with no prescription needed.

Love By 1000s of Bodybuilders

Anadrole is popular with a lot of bodybuilders simply because it works. The debate over whether steroids should be legalized will go on, but the fact is they are illegal and many come with unpleasant side effects.

With Anadrole, you receive all the benefits necessary to build a better physique, so there’s no reason not to try it.

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Anavar Cycle Success (MEN, WOMEN & BEGINNER)

This article gives you all the information you need to know about the Anavar cycle.

Anavar (or Var) is the brand name of oxandrolone, which was developed by Searle. It is an anabolic steroid and widely used by beginners because it is easily tolerable. The Anavar steroid is also great for men and women and ideal for cutting.

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What is an Anavar Cycle?

An Anavar cycle refers to its use by men and women, either by itself or with other steroids. These cycles keeps lean muscle tissue intact, and is best done during the dieting or cutting phase.

Anavar Only Cycle for Men and Women

If you want to use an Anavar only cycle here are some suggestions:

For men (these dosages are to be taken every day):

  • Week 1: 30 mg
  • Week 2: 40 mg
  • Week 3: 50 mg
  • Week 4: 50 mg
  • Week 5: 60 mg
  • Week 6: 80 mg
  • Week 7: 70 mg

Once the cycle is complete you may start a post cycle therapy with 40 mg of tamoxifen daily for week and 20 mg of tamoxifen daily for the next four weeks.

For women (these dosages are to be taken every day):

  • Week 1: 2.5 mg
  • Week 2: 2.5 mg
  • Week 3: 5.0 mg
  • Week 4: 5.0 mg
  • Week 5: 10.0 mg
  • Week 6: 15.0 mg
  • Week 7: 5.0 mg
  • Week 8: 10.0 mg

Both men and women will find these cycles helpful in developing a lean, muscular physique and enhancing on-field performance.

Var is also effective for weight loss and during the cycle, it doesn’t affect muscle definition or endurance even as you shed fat.

Anavar isn’t toxic, not androgenic and has milder anabolic effects compared to other steroids, and it is easy on the HPTA (Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis) because it doesn’t turn to estrogen like other steroids.

There’s no water retention with Var intake so all your gains are dry and won’t disappear during the post cycle.

A lot has also been said about it being a helpful in weight loss, and this has been proven in a study (J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2004 Oct; 89(10):4863-72.)

During this study, individuals who used the steroid in a 12 week cycle retained more than 80% of their reductions.

Aside from weight loss and muscle buildup, Var also helps wounds heal faster, and another study shows that improvements are not limited to gaining of lean muscle tissue but also respiratory functions.

Another research (Mt Sinai J Med. 1999 May; 66(3):201-5.) also showed that the steroid can be used to minimize breathlessness and boost red blood cells, essential for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

If there’s one drawback to a Var only cycle, it’s that results may take a while to manifest. If you want faster results you can stack it with other steroids as given below.

One more thing: if you’re trying to get lean, use Var during the end of your steroid cycle.

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Best Anavar Cycle for Women; When to Stack, Plus Results You May Get

The following Anavar cycle for women is a sample chart designed for the advanced users only. If you’re just starting out, refer to the beginners’ section below.

  • Advanced Stack Cycle: this runs for 12 weeks where you take 20mg of Anavar and 10mg of Winstrol daily

You can also try the following:

  • Week 1: Anavar 20mgs/ED, Winstrol 10mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 10mgs/ED
  • Week 2: Anavar 20mgs/ED, Winstrol 10mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 10mgs/ED
  • Week 3: Anavar 20mgs/ED, Winstrol 10mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 15mgs/ED
  • Week 4: Anavar 20mgs/ED, Winstrol 10mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 15mgs/ED
  • Week 5: Anavar 20mgs/ED, Winstrol 10mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 20mgs/ED
  • Week 6: Anavar 20mgs/ED, Winstrol 10mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 20mgs/ED

Anavar cycle results can vary depending on your diet and workouts. But if you follow the cycle above coupled with regular exercise and healthy eating habits, expect:

  • Faster weight loss
  • Muscular gains
  • Gains are permanent
  • Breaking through plateaus
  • Hardened physique

As for possible Anavar side effects; they include enlargement of the breasts, breast tenderness, acne, and frequent urination. Also, don’t take this if you’re allergic to oxandrolone.

The best way to avoid side effects is to follow the doses given above and give your body time to get used to steroid’s effects. Those with high blood pressure or other health complications should not use this steroid either.

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Best Anavar Cycle for Men. Plus Stack and Results

The Anavar cycle chart below is designed for men who’re advanced users only. You’ll notice that the cycle lasts only 6 weeks. Even so you can expect hard gains and greater endurance.

Note that this cycle is aimed primarily at cutting, but if you want to bulk up, increase the dosage for Winstrol.

  • Week 1: Anavar 80mgs/ED, Winstrol 50mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 10mgs/ED
  • Week 2: Anavar 80mgs/ED, Winstrol 50mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 10mgs/ED
  • Week 3: Anavar 80mgs/ED, Winstrol 50mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 15mgs/ED
  • Week 4: Anavar 80mgs/ED, Winstrol 50mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 50mgs/ED, GW-501516 15mgs/ED
  • Week 5: Anavar 80mgs/ED, Winstrol 50mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 60mgs/ED, GW-501516 20mgs/ED
  • Week 6: Anavar 80mgs/ED, Winstrol 50mgs/ED, S-4 (Andarine) 60mgs/ED, GW-501516 20mgs/ED

For post cycle therapy, you can take the following:

  • Weeks 1 and 2: tamoxifen 40mgs/ED, exemestane 12.5mgs/EOD, enobosarm 25mgs/ED
  • Weeks 3 and 4: tamoxifen 20mgs/ED, exemestane 7.5mgs/EOD, enobosarm 25mgs/ED
  • Week 5: tamoxifen 10mgs/ED

You can vary this six week cycle by taking 50mgs/day of Winstrol daily with 30mgs/day of Var and 20mgs/day of gw-501516 for six weeks.

An Anavar oxandrolone cycle like those given above will produce several benefits similar to those for women. The most important benefit – and the reason why most men take this – is it allows you to lose weight quickly without losing any of the lean muscle mass you gained.

To get the best Anavar results though, you need to do your part. This isn’t a magic pill, but you will gain muscles and they will be permanent. Just like in the case with women, you’ll be able to go through plateaus more quickly.

Var is especially ideal if you can’t seem to lose those pounds or unable to harden your muscles anymore. If you’ve been working out on a regular basis and looking for the next level, this is a good option.

Var is considered one of the mildest steroids so the possibility of suffering severe side effects is very low. These adverse effects are most likely to happen if you’re allergic to the steroid or take more than the recommended dosage.

Generally speaking the side effects are similar to those with women such as acne, tenderness in the breast area, headaches, vomiting and nausea. Provided you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients and don’t overdose, side effects will be minimal.

A Sample Var Cycle Chart for a Beginner

Men and women who want to get started are advised to use the following cycles. While these aren’t the most powerful, it’s going to give you enough positive results such as gaining of lean muscle tissue and weight loss, at the same time giving your body enough time to adjust.

For best results, follow the Anavar cycle length given below.

For women:

  • Week 1: clenbuterol 20 mg, HGH 2iu/ed
  • Week 2: clenbuterol 40mg/ed, HGH 2iu/ed
  • Week 3: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 40mg/ed, HGH 2iu/ed
  • Week 4: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 40mg/ed, HGH 2iu/ed
  • Week 5: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 60mg/ed
  • Week 6: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 60mg/ed
  • Week 7: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 60mg/ed
  • Week 8: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 80mg/ed
  • Week 9: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 80mg/ed
  • Week 10: Var 10mg/ed, clenbuterol 80mg/ed
  • Week 11: clenbuterol 100mg/ed, HGH 2iu/ed
  • During weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12, add 10mg/ed of tamoxifen.

For men:

This can be used while you’re on the bulking phase. These are to be taken daily.

  • Weeks 1 to 4: 100mg/eod of testosterone-propionate with 4iu/ed of HGH and 0.5mg/eod of anastrozole. During weeks 1 and 2, also take 40mg/ed of clenbuterol and during weeks 3 and 4 increase to 60mg/ed.
  • Weeks 5 to 8: take 100mg/eod of testosterone-propionate, 50mg/ed of Var 4iu/ed of HGH and 0.5mg/eod of anastrozole. For weeks 5 and 6 take 80mg/ed of clenbuterol and increase to 100mg/ed during weeks 7 and 8.
  • Weeks 9 to 12: Take 100mg/eod of testosterone-propionate 50mg/ed of Var and 0.5mg/eod of HGH. During weeks 9 and 10, take 120mg/ed of anastrozole and increase this to 140mg/ed during weeks 11 and 12.

Because Var is milder compared to other anabolic steroids, men need to take higher doses or combine it with other strength enhancers to get results.

As the information above shows, 40mg to 50mg is the minimum amount recommended for men, with the dose increased to 80mg for advanced users. For women, 10 to 20mg will suffice.

Regardless of the dosage you can use Anavar for extended periods of time without worrying about side effects.

For the most part though, 6 to 8 weeks will be sufficient to gain results. Even with just a beginners’ cycle you can expect improvements in particular your diet. To put it simply, the benefits you get from a healthy diet and workouts will be enhanced.

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Testosterone Max Review (HUGE MUSCLE, STRENGTH)

Few Benefits of Testo-Max for You:

  • Promotes Explosive Strength & Energy;
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The Importance of Natural Testosterone Max

Anyone who’s interesting in reaching high performance in bodybuilding needs to consider the power of a testosterone-based supplement.

Since processed foods reduce the positive effects of even the healthiest of diets, products such as Testosterone Max have stepped in to boost your testosterone levels and help you achieve huge gains with your bulking and cutting cycles.

Benefits Improved Levels of Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. It gives you the strength, energy and stamina to get into some serious workouts, and adequate levels of testosterone will also help you improve muscle gains, endurance and sexual performance.

Since many men these days lead a lifestyle that cuts them off from natural testosterone boosters, products like Testosterone Max from Crazybulk were devised to help safely manage this lack, and avoid all the problems created by testosterone deficiency.

Based on the natural extract of the rare Tribulus Terrestris plant, Testosterone Max can help you pump up your testosterone levels through the use of chemicals that have the role of elevating luteinizing hormone levels (that’s the hormone responsible for testosterone production), leading to increased muscle size, density and mass, while also boosting performance and rapid recovery.

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Other Advantages of Testosterone Max

Unlike most steroids and various other products claiming to help you boost testosterone levels, Testosterone Max is 100% safe and legal to use.

Produced in FDA-approved facilities based in the USA, and thoroughly tested to ensure its complete safety, it has no notable side effects, and it can be taken quite easily, being distributed in tablet form.

Suitable to Different Lifestyles & People

Reviews have shown the supplement to be extremely adaptable to different types of diets and lifestyles, allowing for flexible use.

Also, many users claim that its ability to boost muscle gains and provide extremely fast recovery are definitely not exaggerated, some users having achieved notable results within just a couple of weeks after starting to take the supplement.

Muscle development, sexual vitality and metabolic rate improvements are all in the cards, and the more you put your back into harder, more serious workouts, the better the chance that you’ll achieve the gains and advantages you were hoping to get from Testosterone Max at the end of your cutting and bulking cycles.

How to Get Testosterone Max

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